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 9 Catherdral Campers
Triangle Campers
10 Area 41 Business Meeting
Catherdral Campers
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11 Area 41 Business Meeting
Catherdral Campers
Triangle Campers
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Events in Next 30 Days

2021-07-23 Catherdral Campers
2021-07-23 Triangle Campers
2021-07-24 Catherdral Campers
2021-07-24 Triangle Campers
2021-07-25 Catherdral Campers
2021-07-25 Triangle Campers
2021-08-06 Triangle Campers
2021-08-07 Catherdral Campers
2021-08-07 Triangle Campers
2021-08-08 Catherdral Campers
2021-08-08 Triangle Campers
2021-08-09 Catherdral Campers
2021-08-20 Triangle Campers
2021-08-21 Catherdral Campers
2021-08-21 Triangle Campers
2021-08-22 Catherdral Campers
2021-08-22 Triangle Campers

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Responsibility Statement

When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help,
I want the hand of A.A. always to be there.
And for that: I am responsible.

Declaration of Unity

This we owe to A.A.'s future:
To place our common welfare first; To keep our Fellowship united.
For on A.A. Unity depend our lives, And the lives of those to come.